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Home Reports At Estate Agency Scotland

We Only Use Who We Consider The Best Surveyors Who Are Panelled and Specialist in Scotland

Why is it important when choosing you Surveyor and that your surveyor is panelled in Scotland?

Your property is the most important assett you will ever own so it is so important that you choose the right people to deal with everything and the surveyor is no exception. We have chosen our Surveyors as we have found that our dealings have been the best with them and that they have been best in dealing with our clients, which is of paramount importance to us. They are also on most mortgage lenders panels within Scotland meaning that your home report is accepted by most major home lending institutions in Scotland. This is extremley important as when you actually find the buyer for your home, they may need to use your home report for a mortgage. If your home report provider is not a Panelled Surveyor in Scotland, then your buyer may not be able to use your home report for their mortgage and you may need to get another home report from a surveyor who is panelled, therefore giving yourself an additional hurdle to overcome when selling and giving yourself a large extra expense of obtaining another home report OR the mortgage company may demand their own lenders surveyors go out, giving your buyer an extra expense. This may happen anyway but by not making sure that you can get the best home report from the best provider in the first place means that you could potentially cost yourself more money and more hassle in the long run. If you are unsure of the information provided, please get in touch, advice is free.